AIMEE & JAGUAR (Zeitgeist, unrated) In World War II Germany, two fearful lesbian lovers struggle to keep their relationship underground.

THE ANIMAL (Columbia TriStar, PG-13) To survive a near-fatal car accident, Rob Schneider undergoes a radical “transpecies-ectomy,” making him a sexy beast.

ON THE WATERFRONT (Columbia TriStar, unrated) Marlon Brando was the original Method Man in Kazan’s award-winning drama, which makes its DVD debut.

SWORDFISH (Warner, R) Hugh Jackman gets blackmailed by John Travolta into jacking billions. He also gets to steal a glance of Halle Berry in her birthday suit.

THE VISIT (HBO, R) Father (Billy Dee Williams) and son (Hill Harper) trace their slow, difficult route to reconciliation–and maybe some Colt 45.