— ON THE J. LO (phrase) Staging a surprisingly underhyped event — e.g., a wedding to one’s erstwhile backup dancer.

— GILD THE LEELEE (v.) To seek hipster cred for a new film by casting a quirky starlet du jour (see Sobieski in Joy Ride, The Glass House, and My First Mister).

— ZOOLANDISH (adj.) Offering deliberately stupid entertainment in a time of sadness and anxiety.

— REALITY SLIGHTS (n.) The indifference of TV audiences to a new season of reality programming (Love Cruise, Mole 2: The Next Betrayal, etc.).

— STINKING SHIP (n.) An uninspired reality show that rips off an earlier program and sets it afloat (e.g., Love Cruise, Shipmates).

— LITTLE ORPHAN EMMY (n.) A beleaguered TV awards show still waiting to be allowed into your living room.