It's on shelves in the U.K., but the U.S. version remains incomplete
Lisa Left Eye Lopes
Credit: Lisa Lopes: Mark Allan/Alpha/Globe Photos

Block Party

TLC fans hungry for the new Lisa ”Left Eye” Lopes album will have to wait a little longer. The tempestuous singer’s solo debut, ”Supernova,” was originally due Aug. 14, with a single, ”The Block Party,” sent to radio in July. But the single and its video stiffed. For unexplained reasons, Arista pushed the album to Oct. 23. Now, ”Supernova” has been delayed until 2002 — in the States, that is.

”Party,” it seems, has made more of a ruckus overseas, so ”Supernova” came out in the U.K. and other international markets on Oct. 22. While Lopes records new tunes to beef up the U.S. version and works on a new TLC album, also due next year, you might track ”Supernova” in the import bins.

Block Party
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