The Floridian explains just how she got so dehydrated, so fast, in the African heat.
Jessie Camacho, Survivor: Africa
Credit: Jessie Camacho: Monty Brinton

”Survivor: Africa” fans hardly got to know Jessie, but at first she looked promising. How could you not be intrigued by a cop from Florida with Amber-quality good looks, Jerri-quality mystery…oh yeah, and unfortunately, Ramona-quality sickliness. caught up with the show’s second ousted player while she was cooking (and setting off her fire alarm, we might add) at her home in Florida. Jessie reminisced about black lips, elephant dung, and moldy clay pots.

In retrospect, do you wish you’d tried harder to not give in to fatigue?
It’s so hard when your body doesn’t want to do what you want it to do. I wanted to help but at that point it was day four. My body just said NO WAY.

Why didn’t you just drink loads of water to hydrate and get energy?
The spring we were getting water from we had to share with all of the animals. It was filled with elephant dung and little things you didn’t want to see. We boiled it for three to five minutes and lost so much water. It was hot water being put in a clay pot which had mold on it. The pieces of the clay pot melted when you took a swig and you didn’t know what it was. Believe me, it was bad!

Did you know you were getting extinguished?
Yeah. On the way to tribal council Tom gave me the nod that it was going to be me. That was better, because it wasn’t a surprise.

What was up with the misogynist guys in your tribe?
I never thought of it that way until I saw it on TV. Because of Tom and I having such a good relationship out there, I never felt that way. But you never know what people are thinking.

So I guess you’re not in touch with any of them now?
All of the guys and I have stayed in touch through emails. Tom calls me all the time. Carl lives in Orlando so we’re in touch constantly. Kelly sent me a book about getting prepared for law school.

Has Chap Stick or Blistex called yet for the endorsement?
They haven’t called but if they do, hey, I’ll definitely take the thing. My lips were so dehydrated! They were full black. There were times during the interviews that I couldn’t even open my mouth.

Are you back on the beat now?
Not yet. I decided not to go back immediately because I didn’t want people coming up to me when I’m doing my duties. I didn’t want people asking me about the show constantly. My sheriff told me I don’t have to come back until June.

What’s harder: Being a cop or being a ”Survivor” contestant?
The thing with being a cop is you’re always dealing with a team — the other cops are your brothers and sisters. In ”Survivor,” even though you’re working as a team, everyone has their own individual plan of what you’re going to do to win the game. There’s a lot of backstabbing.

On behalf of all my straight male colleagues, are you still single?
I am single. I do not have a boyfriend. Guys never came up to me before. Maybe they will a little more now.

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