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Credit: Not Another Teen Movie: Rico Torres

What the bloated adolescent-flick genre needs is not another Tara Reid, Chris Klein, or Freddie Prinze Jr., but a swift kick in the groin, right? In that spirit comes this R-rated spoof set at John Hughes High School, where the studly football star accepts a ”She’s All That”-style bet to transform the ugliest girl (not the hunchback, not the albino hippie, but the hottie in glasses and ponytail) into the prom queen.

While the movie promises plenty of line-crossing gags — from a teenage-girl-on-geriatric-woman liplock to a cheerleader with Tourette’s syndrome — the filmmakers insist they’re not trying to out?gross-out ”Scary Movie.” ”It’s more in the vein of an ‘Airplane!’ in high school,” offers Joel Gallen, making his feature debut after directing the film parodies on ”The MTV Movie Awards.” But enough comparison talk — what’s this we hear about a foreign exchange student who walks around naked all the time? ”In all the other movies, the foreign exchange student ends up getting naked anyway and sleeping with the nerd,” the director explains. ”So we just cut through all that, and we have her naked the entire movie.” Class dismissed.

Not Another Teen Movie
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  • 82 minutes