Tim Allen, Jim Belushi, ...
Credit: Joe Somebody: Joe Lederer

When a beaten-down divorcé (Tim Allen) gets beaten up in front of his daughter by an intimidating coworker (”Seinfeld”’s Patrick Warburton), he recruits his own Mr. Miyagi (Jim Belushi) to learn how to stand up for himself. Allen, in his third feature collaboration with director (and ”Home Improvement” vet) John Pasquin, took a stand himself when he insisted on shooting this romantic comedy in Minneapolis and not in the oft-used locale of Canada. ”My grandmother’s side is Canadian, and I love it there,” he says. ”But I leaned on [Twentieth Century Fox] to not shoot this there with due respect for my union, the other unions, and American workers.”

He did, however, find Minnesotan life to be quite foreign. ”It’s the weirdest place,” he says. ”It’s cold and they have meat raffles at halftime at games.” As the human resources director who falls for Allen’s character, ”Ed”’s Julie Bowen kept warm during the shoot with screen kissing, an activity that was virtually forbidden on her flirt-only TV show. ”Tim was very respectful in his use of tongue,” says Bowen. ”He would make little noises while kissing, just to make me laugh. On purpose, mind you. At least, I hope on purpose. My God, maybe Tim has some weird disorder, and I don’t know about it!”

Joe Somebody
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