Björk, Bjork

Conceived by the Icelandic singer and designed by the folks behind influential fashion-and-art mag ”Visionaire,” this odd project is lovely to hold but hard to grasp. The book’s first third consists of Björk portraits by well-known photographers (Juergen Teller, Anton Corbijn), and her alluringly alien features and unself-conscious exuberance lend themselves nicely to images alternately haunting and playful. The text-based middle portion, however, is a puzzling jumble of Björk-themed writings, from a dumb ”Are You Obsessed With Björk?” quiz (No. 57: ”Do you own any Björk T-shirts?”) to a questionably relevant essay by French artist Philippe Parreno. The final section features a seemingly random collection of art by people who have worked with the singer: a photograph of french fries by Graham Massey, a chapter from a seven-year-old Icelandic novel, some Stephane Sednaoui photos of Tibetans in snow. Baffling.

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