Marisa Tomei, In the Bedroom

Todd Field, an actor whose credits range from TV’s ”Once and Again” to ”Eyes Wide Shut” (he was the musician who led Tom Cruise astray), depended on the kindness of his Maine neighbors for locations while filming his directorial debut, a drama about the unraveling of a stoic New England family. Appropriate, since he blew into Sundance like a nor’easter, having completed the film on the day it had to be shipped for its festival premiere. The photo finish didn’t stop ”Bedroom” from earning special jury prizes for Sissy Spacek and Tom Wilkinson, who play the fractured folks (look for Cruise cousin William Mapother as Marisa Tomei’s estranged husband), or keep Miramax from buying the film for a reported $2 million.

Since the purchase, Field has had time to tweak, although he maintains it’s not the overhaul that Miramax chief Harvey Weinstein has been known to order. ”You probably wouldn’t notice any difference,” says Field. ”It’s just personal things that bothered me.” In other words, don’t expect ”All the Pretty New Englanders.”

In the Bedroom
  • Movie
  • 130 minutes