Dave Matthews
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Live in Chicago 12/19/98


If you disliked DMB’s experiment with pop economy, ”Everyday,” you’ll love this two-CD souvenir, Live in Chicago 12/19/98 of a more expansive age, with five cuts clocking in at over 10 minutes. In between a sluggish start (two ”Before These Crowded Streets” numbers) and an overfamiliar finish (”All Along the Watchtower” again?), it’s an almost spectacular show, with a beautiful take on Daniel Lanois’ ”The Maker,” and guest guitarist Tim Reynolds making chestnuts like ”Crash Into Me” more sublime. But why revisit ’98 when the band had hinted at an album from 2001’s perfectly terrific tour, complete with the best of the fabled ”Lillywhites”? Gratification can only be so delayed.

Live in Chicago 12/19/98
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