By Clarissa Cruz
Updated October 19, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Sure, he played a deputy mayor in ”City Hall” and even Nelson Rockefeller in ”Cradle Will Rock.” But how about John Cusack in the White House — for real? In February, Dan Carol of the progressive, D.C.-based Carol/Trevelyan Strategy Group launched a website ( to push the notion. ”People have seen him grow and struggle, he’s just got Everyman values,” explains Carol, who even peddles T-shirts featuring the campaign logo (below). The erstwhile Lloyd Dobler is more ambivalent about the dare-to-be-great situation. ”It’s best to let that one go,” demurs the left-leaning Cusack, who says he’s not qualified to be the chief exec. But ”Serendipity” director Peter Chelsom begs to differ: ”He’s quite political, he’s very committed, he’s very sincere. People relate to him, and he’s extremely accessible.” Costar John Corbett says the actor has his vote. And ”Serendipity” love interest Kate Beckinsale clearly admires Cusack’s, uh, credentials: ”It’s always good to have a cute president.”