By Scott Brown and Lynette Rice
Updated October 19, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Before the kickoff of Oct. 3’s lecture, sorry, episode of ”The West Wing,” John Spencer stated that profits from the show would be donated to the New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund and the New York Police & Fire Widows’ & Children’s Benefit Fund. Fine, but…since when are there proceeds from an individual TV episode? NBC, whose parent company, GE, donated $10 million to the relief effort, says it supported the episode, but ”didn’t donate advertising dollars.” Sorkin could not be reached for comment, but a source at Warner Bros. (which produces the show) says the money will come from a yet-to-be-calculated share of cable residuals, international sales, and broadcast syndication fees of the episode. That means the charities won’t be seeing the dough until at least 2004 — or until well into President Bartlet’s second term.