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Updated October 19, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Michael Jackson may no longer be the undisputed ”King of Pop,” but judging from the rabid responses to our cover story (#616, Sept. 21), fans are still off the wall for him. ”You should be ashamed,” writes Mark Setlock of New York City. ”Sure, he’s an odd duck, but give the guy a chance — he’s brought joy to many.” Steve Baker of Abingdon, Va., agrees: ”The man can’t rear his head without someone trying to take it off.” However, Jon Thomas of North Babylon, N.Y., thinks otherwise: ”Thank heavens EW has the courage to poke a few holes in the [Michael Jackson] hyperbole.”

Moonwalk On By

After reading your article on Michael Jackson, I felt even better about my decision to sell all of the Gloved One’s CDs to make room for recent Madonna albums. It’s time that Michael grew up and discovered that the ’80s are over. Until he takes off that hat and that glove, I won’t be compelled to give anything by the King of Poop, I mean Pop, the time of day. CHRISTINE TANASIUK Kinuso, Alberta

Wanna be stoppin’ Tom Sinclair?! His biased article on Michael Jackson was disappointing to read. Tom clearly went out of his way to attack Michael. I expect better from EW than tabloid trash. CHRIS LINN Rochester, Mich.

Holding a Grunge

”Ten years after. Nevermind.” ascends to a new level of social elitism. You would rather listen to Nirvana or other critically acceptable indie rock over current pop fare. Fine. What I don’t like is when you praise Nevermind as being more legitimate than the work of other artists. Musical taste is in the ear of the beholder, so what may be meaningful to you might be underwhelming to others. ALEX NESS La Selva Beach, Calif.

Jeff Gordinier makes an interesting argument about the success of Nirvana’s Nevermind. But he fails to understand the nature of the business. Each genre has seen its innovators spawn imitators in homage and also in the need to spur sales. Don’t fault an artist for coming late to the revolution. And don’t take willful obscurity as a sign of talent or conviction. PETER RYAN Braintree, Mass.

CORRECTION: Ben Affleck was stopped for speeding and posted a bond of $1,114, but was not jailed (News & Notes, #620, Oct. 12).


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