By EW Staff
October 19, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Sometimes I do worry about it. But I kind of grew up as an awkward kid. And I think you always sort of feel how you felt when you were a teenager…. So I’m not that horrified about getting wrinkles. I mean, I do think it will suck. But I don’t see myself as, like, this beautiful, glamorous person. I just see myself as more, like, this nerdy geek that people think is attractive.” — ”Sidewalks of New York’s” HEATHER GRAHAM on why the aging process doesn’t frighten her, on

”The fact is that we’re more boring than people think. We don’t drink blood, and don’t have a dungeon, and I eat many more types of food than orange.” — ”Bandit’s” BILLY BOB THORNTON on his marriage to Angelina Jolie (and wildly exaggerated rumors that he ate only orange-colored food), on Mr. Showbiz