EW.com reports on the online campaign to ditch the power ballad ''Faith of the Heart''
Scott Bakula, Enterprise

Ever since William Shatner trained his phaser on ”Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” and ”Mr. Tambourine Man” back in 1968, ”Star Trek” and pop music have gone together about as well as Vulcans and sappy Hallmark cards.

The latest proof: Fervent Trekkers are gathering online by the thousands to sign petitions demanding the removal of ”Faith of the Heart,” the Diane Warren-penned power ballad that, as sung by British crossover opera singer Russell Watson, serves as the theme music for the latest ”Star Trek” series, ”Enterprise” (UPN, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.). Every other film and TV incarnation of ”Star Trek” — from Alexander Courage’s original music for the ’60s TV series onward — has boasted a sweeping instrumental theme.

”We wish to express our unmitigated disgust with the theme song that has been selected for the new ‘Enterprise’ series,” says one online petition, signed by more than 2,000 fans. ”It is not fit to be scraped off the bottom of a Klingon’s boot.” Another petition to ”Enterprise” producers, which bears neary 4,000 digital signatures, takes a more respectful tack. ”[We] urgently request that you remove [‘Faith of the Heart’] and in its place utilize a score that is without vocals, as traditionally used by [the] ‘Star Trek’ television series,” it says.

New Orleans retail manager Gavin Richmond, 29, who wrote the latter petition, tells EW.com that he was ”taken aback” when he first saw the title sequence of ”Enterprise,” which plays ”Faith of the Heart” over a historical montage of human attempts at flight. It’s some sort of ’80s light-rock thing,” he says. ”I think a techno/electronica opening would be [more] appropriate.” (A spokesperson for Paramount, the production company behind ”Enterprise,” declined comment.)

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