Britney, Justin, and Destiny's Child don't know either
Credit: Michael Jackson Illustration by Thomas Fuchs

The title of Michael Jackson’s ”We Are the World”-style single — a benefit for victims of the Sept. 11 tragedy — is ”What More Can I Give?” Well, how about word on when we’ll hear it? In a Sept. 17 press release, the singer claimed Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and others would participate. But with still no sign of the song, some are wondering if the project is in trouble. No, insist Michael’s minions, who provided EW with a list of guest artists they say have already lent their voices, including Destiny’s Child, Nick and Aaron Carter, Usher, and Mya.

Well, not so fast: Destiny’s Child have not recorded and will not be a part of ”Give,” says their publicist. A Miami session with Usher and Mya was scrapped at the last minute, although it might be rescheduled. And Spears and Timberlake won’t participate either, according to their spokesperson.

Still, there has been some progress. In addition to the Carters, Reba McEntire, Tom Petty, and Brian McKnight have all laid down vocals. ”It’s all the good parts of what ‘We Are the World’ was, musically speaking,” offers McKnight. Jackson’s rep says there will be both English and Spanish versions. And to that we say, ”Pronto, Jacko!”

What More Can I Give
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