Matteo Pericoli, Manhattan Unfurled

Manhattan Unfurled


New York is a city erected on the foundation of constant reinvention. Broadway shows roll in and out like barnstorming locusts. Nightclubs shutter the second their buzz dwindles, only to reopen a week later with new identities. But nowhere is this state of flux more on parade than in the jagged, jeweled skyline. And artist Matteo Pericoli has captured this concrete chameleon beautifully in Manhattan Unfurled (Random House, $29.95). Part coffee-table sketchbook, part painstaking exercise in artistic patience, Pericoli’s foldout book is a doodling daydream. In fine, unbroken lines, he traces Gotham’s cloud-scraping peaks — the Chrysler Building, the Empire State, and yes, the Twin Towers. Open the book one way and view the Battery to the Bronx from the East Side; the other way offers the West Side perspective. Either way, it gives you goosebumps — and packs more resonance after what the city’s just been through. Pericoli’s skyline is like a giant EKG monitoring the heartbeat of a city whose life force can’t be stopped.

Manhattan Unfurled
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