His latest flick set a career opening-weekend record
Denzel Washington, Training Day
Credit: Denzel Washington: Robert Zuckerman

Training Day (2001)

Maybe they should have called it ”Pay Day.” Though its lead is neither traditional action hero nor comedy star, Denzel Washington’s cop drama ”Training Day” set a career opening-weekend record for the 46-year-old actor, taking in an arresting $22.6 million. The hefty sum could raise Washington’s asking price, a reported $10 million plus. But will he join Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks in the $20 million club, whose only other black member is Will Smith? ”Both ”Training Day” and ”Remember the Titans” have opened strongly in so-called nonholiday periods,” says Oren Koules, a producer on Washington’s next release, the hostage drama ”John Q.” ”There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be [earning $20 million].” Regardless, the Oscar winner’s club membership is on hold for now: Washington took a salary cut to grease the skids for the upcoming ”Finding Fish,” his directorial debut.

Training Day (2001)
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