Cassidy Rae, Ryan Browning

Extreme Days


Dude, where’s my Christian entertainment? Right here, in Extreme Days, the first teen comedy to combine an extended flatulence sequence with a pro-chastity message. Four 20-ish jocks take off on a surfing/snowboarding/dirt-biking trip, joined along the way by a knockout blonde (”Models Inc.” alum Cassidy Rae) who’s destined to hook up with the most blandly handsome of the guys (Ryan Browning), as opposed to the goofball who’s trying to channel Crispin Glover (”Disturbing Behavior”’s Derek Hamilton). That’s ”hook up” in the most innocent sense: What few dramatic moments there are arrive when Rae, a saint with a bad-girl past, tells Browning she’s back on the no-premarital-sex path. Providence, the evangelical indie behind the first ”Omega Code,” has targeted ”Extreme” as a wholesome ”Road Trip” alternative for younger teens: one quarter ”True love waits,” three quarters ”Cowabunga!,” all pretty clumsy.

Extreme Days
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