Friends and family talk about the young star whose life ended so abruptly
Credit: Aaliyah: Barron Claiborne/Corbis Outline

VH1 REMEMBERS AALIYAH Less than a week after the Aug. 25 plane crash that killed R&B star Aaliyah, VH1 quickly greenlit a ”Behind the Music” episode on the singer. Tentatively scheduled to air Oct. 14, the show is being assembled in roughly half the usual 13-week production time. While much of the episode will consist of biography and tribute, it will also report on the circumstances surrounding her death. Coproducer Doug Rittenhouse brought a film crew to the Bahamas, interviewing a dozen or so people who came in contact with the singer in the days leading up to the accident. ”There were a lot of reports that came out immediately after the plane crash, but I think this will be by far the most detailed version of things,” says Rittenhouse. ”The visual style will be different, a little more active. When we talked to people who were at the crash site, we actually took them back to the airport. We went to where she was filming the last scene [of her new video] the day she died.” The show will also feature interviews with Aaliyah’s friends and family members. In addition, producers are investigating the possibility of airing footage from the uncompleted video. ”There’s a lot of patience involved in this,” says Rittenhouse. ”Right now, the key is getting the right tone and approach so that it’s a well-rounded, well thought-out, and complete version of her life.”

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