Africa cast take heed: doesn't belong to Peterson and Kel had to pay good money for the rights to his name
Survivor: Africa
Credit: Survivor: Monty Brinton/CBS

Contestants on ”Survivor: Africa” may be able to build huts, but can they outwit, outplay, and outlast cybersquatters? Indeed, a search of Internet registry records reveals that unknown people recently reserved the full-name domain names of 10 Kenya competitors — including New York City-based soccer goalie Ethan Zohn and deputy sheriff Jessie Camacho from Orlando.

It turns out most of their prime-time predecessors — including ”Survivor 2” winner Tina Wesson, third-place finisher Keith Famie, and ”The Animal” star Colleen Haskell — aren’t masters of their domain names either. Weeks after the first show began, Max Cooper of Huntington Beach, Calif., registered and the names of seven other contestants. None of the sites claim affiliation with ”Survivor,” CBS, or the named individual. (Cooper did not respond to interview requests.) ”Survivor 2”’s Kel Gleason says that he paid $495 to reclaim ”I’m glad I did,” says the suspected jerky eater. ”If someone else owns your name you are at a disadvantage.” (The first ”Survivor” champ didn’t have such luck: has long celebrated the star of ’70s series ”Battlestar Galactica.”)

Others have tried another tack. ”It seemed like a big hassle to get my name back,” says ”Survivor” 1’s Gervase Peterson, who registered after learning that both Gervase and were taken. ”Life is too short to get your feathers ruffled,” says Famie, who uses for his chef activities. ”That is why I lasted so long in the Outback.” But for less successful players, there’s hope: At press time,, the domain for the first ever ”Survivor” reject, was still available.

Survivor: Africa
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