Through messages on their homepages in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks, entertainers shared their fears and sorrows

The talk-show landscape has been short on celeb names since the tragedies of Sept. 11. The disruption in TV and movie-release schedules, as well as safety concerns over air travel, have kept most stars off the airwaves and out of concert arenas. Which means, for the time being, pithy media sound bites are on hold (and come to think of it, they really haven’t been missed). But many entertainment figures were speaking directly to their fans on the Web. Call us cynical, but we expected to find self-serving boasts of good deeds and charitable largesse. Instead, we found moving insights, pointed political observations, and calls for common sense and understanding. Follow the links below to read their unedited thoughts.

”Like all of you, nothing has prepared me for the horrors of [Sept. 11]. Like you, I never thought I would see anything like this in my lifetime. Our world will never be the same. The streets are empty downtown except for the few who live there, trancelike, going about their day to day lives…. At some ghostly unseen signal everyone turns his or her head, cranes their neck, looking to the patch of sky where…the mountainous peaks of those two towers stood. The sunrise was seen earlier today. No obstruction.” —DAVID BOWIE ( bowie2/news/index.html)

”I find I’m stunned, numb—my sorrow and fear is so deep that it’s out of reach…what seems to allow me to function in a way that makes sense is to look at how I can act in my own life that reflects how I wish the world would respond.” —JEFF BRIDGES (

”I wish to express my heartfelt horror at the indiscriminate terrorist attacks committed against innocent people of the United States yesterday. While it is still not clear who carried out the attacks, it must be stated that no right thinking follower of Islam could possibly condone such an action: the Qur’an [Koran] equates the murder of one innocent person with the murder of the whole of humanity. We pray for the families of all those who lost their lives in this unthinkable act of violence as well as all those injured; I hope to reflect the feelings of all Muslims and people around the world whose sympathies go out to the victims at this sorrowful moment.” —YUSUF ISLAM (formerly CAT STEVENS) (

”My hope is that we respond from the highest level of self-care as is possible, as well as with a curiosity toward what the root of the motivations to attack were.” —ALANIS MORISSETTE (

”As a parent, I’m concerned for our youth, but determined to make it better for them. While it’s easy to feel helpless and fearful, we all need to do our part in making their world a better place. We need to allow those emotions to turn into optimism, bravery and defiance so that their future is as bright as it can be. I believe most important of all is the commitment that we owe to them, never to forget.” —FAITH HILL (