Readers respond to Sarah Michelle Gellar, Aaliyah, and "Friends"

Readers were overjoyed to find their favorite vampire slayer gracing the cover of our Fall TV Preview (#612/613, Sept. 7). ”Keep giving us those Sarah [Michelle Gellar] covers,” says John Poffenbarger of Port Deposit, Md. ”Buffy is the hottest show, and Sarah doesn’t need an Emmy to tell her that!” On a more serious note, since our Friends episode guide (#615, fall 2001) began arriving in mailboxes, we’ve received e-mails complaining about a map that plots the Friends’ travels, which unfortunately includes an airplane and a number of New York City landmarks, among them the World Trade Center. The issue was printed in late August, before the tragic events of Sept. 11, but we apologize for any distress it may have caused.

Buffing Up

After waiting a long, hot summer to find out the fate of my favorite vampire slayer, I opened my mailbox to find the coolest picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar that I have ever laid eyes on. In the article, as always, EW stayed away from the rumor mills and published a piece that was bursting with information. I praise Jeff Jensen for leaking some details about the new season without giving away too much, and for letting fans know what went on behind the WB/UPN battle for the greatest show on TV.
Hammonton, N.J.

A few years ago, you ran an issue devoted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I never thought you guys could ever top that cover. Thanks for proving me wrong.
Ambler, Pa.

Wow, EW, thanks so much for less than half a page of photos of the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Don’t you think after 100 episodes they deserve at least a whole page, if not the cover? I’m sick to death of seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar everywhere. The costars of this show are who have made it last as long as it has. Give some well-deserved credit where it is due!
Kingsport, Tenn.

When I first pulled the Fall TV Preview out of my mailbox, I thought you’d put that toothpick of a woman Calista Flockhart on the cover. After, I saw that this skinny woman is the onetime healthy and beautiful Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was at one point looking forward to the new season of Buffy, but I can no longer watch or support a show with the unhealthy image that Ms. Gellar now displays. I do thank EW for the Fall TV Preview, though. Great job!
Lower Lake, Calif.

I was under the impression that EW was about entertainment, not the exploitation of the actresses featured in your magazine. If I wanted to see barely dressed women, I would buy Maxim. At the very least, even the score. Maybe a few covers of barely dressed men? I even have some suggestions for you. David Boreanaz or Mark-Paul Gosselaar, anyone?
Winona, Minn.

I just received my Fall TV Preview. Notably missing was in-depth coverage of new and returning syndicated shows. I watch almost as many syndicated series as regular ones and was disappointed more information was not included.
Mountain View, Calif.