''Dark Angel'''s Valarie Rae Miller says her lesbian character will finally be getting some play this season
Valarie Rae Miller
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As Original Cindy, the feisty sidekick to Jessica Alba’s genetically engineered bike messenger, Max, on the Fox series ”Dark Angel,” Valarie Rae Miller says exactly what she thinks. Offscreen, the Fort Worth, Texas, native is equally outspoken. Miller talked to EW.com about what fans can expect from the show’s second season (kicking off Friday, Sept. 28, at 8 p.m.), what it’s like to have lovebird costars like Alba and Michael Weatherly (who plays Max’s hacker ally), and why she’s frightened by the very thought of an Original Cindy doll.

Original Cindy has been all talk and no action when it comes to getting chicks. Is this due to network reluctance in depicting a lesbian romance?
This season she’ll have more of a love life, but I can’t say too much more than that. Before I was even hired that was a big discussion, so it’s just been a matter of when to incorporate that into the series.

So what can we expect to be different in season two?
They’re trying to go in a more science fiction direction, and they’ve introduced several new characters. Cindy’s supposed to be more involved in a lot of the secret stuff that Max and Logan are doing. Since she found out Max’s big secret last season, she’s gradually been becoming more involved… Viewers should know that if there’s something that they see and they dig it or DON’T dig it, they should feel free to write Fox; the network really looks at mail and what they think people want to see. Every fan letter is seen as comparable to what 500 viewers would say. So they take it kind of seriously and they test the heck out of everything.

You dropped the opportunity to host your own talk show when the ”Dark Angel” role came around. How tough was that decision?
In a weird way, the decision was kind of made for me. I wanted to do both and the producers of ”Dark Angel” were really cool about it and actually wrote it into my contract that I could do both. I was so impressed by their gesture that when the legal department for the talk show, which was another Fox project through a different division, wanted me to decide between the two, I picked ”Dark Angel.” It seemed to me that this show was just more amenable to working with me. And you know, if you have to decide, you go for the place where you get the most love.

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