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Survivor: Africa
Credit: Survivor: Monty Brinton

‘SURVIVOR’ WATCH Ready for a break from bitter strife, betrayal, and endurance-challenging hardship? Get ready for the third season of ”Survivor,” whose contestants CBS officially introduced yesterday. The network confirmed the identities of the competitors, whose names and photos have already been circulating on the Web. They include two bartenders (Brandon Quinton, 25, of Dallas, and Silas Gaither, 23, of Germantown, Tenn.), a goat farmer (Tom Buchanan, 46, of Rich Valley, Va.), and a beauty queen-turned-deputy sheriff (Jessie Camacho, 27, of Orlando). They range in age from 22 (Kelly Goldsmith, a behavioral research analyst from Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.) to 57 (Kim Johnson, a retired teacher from Oyster Bay, N.Y.).

As they dodge lions and elephants in Kenya’s Shabu National Reserve, the ”Survivor” cast will hunker down in two teams named for African tribes. The Boran Tribe consists of Clarence Black, 24, a high school basketball coach from Detroit; Diane Ogden, 42, a U.S. mail carrier from Lincoln, Neb.; Lex van den Berghe, 38, a marketing manager from Santa Cruz, Calif.; Ethan Zohn, 27, a professional soccer player from New York City; and Buchanan, Camacho, Goldsmith, and Johnson.

On the Samburu Tribe are Carl Bilancione, 46, a dentist from Winter Springs, Fla.; Teresa Cooper, 42, a flight attendant from Jackson, Ga.; Frank Garrison, 43, a telephone technician from Odessa, N.Y.; Kim Powers, 29, a freelance marketer from Conshohocken, Pa.; Lindsey Richter, 27, a former advertising account executive from Portland, Ore.; Linda Spencer, 44, a career counselor from Cambridge, Mass.; and Gaither and Quinton. Full bios and photos are available at the CBS website. CBS will introduce the cast to TV audiences in a special on October 4, a week before the season premiere on October 11.

Even as the third season gets under way, producers are trying to figure out where to hold the fourth season. Initial reports had suggested Jordan, but it’s now doubtful that CBS will want to stage a contest anywhere in the less-than-secure Middle East. Tahiti has been mentioned as a possible backup location.

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