Dr. Will Kirby explains how he lied and boasted his way to victory on the CBS reality show
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Big Brother

He’s a liar, he’s arrogant, and he’s $500,000 richer. He’s Will Kirby, the winner of ”Big Brother 2,” who in 12 weeks went from manipulative villain to… well, darned likable villain. With his showmanship and hunger for fame, he took the ”real” out of ”reality TV,” but he made the summer show the guilty pleasure it was. EW.com spoke to the self proclaimed Evil Doctor about his strategy, his wincing final speech, and his freaky habit of shaving his entire body.

Are you a cocky bastard, or do you just play one on TV?

I really am. I think I’m very arrogant, I’ve always had that air about me, I’ve always been told that, and I guess at this point there’s no denying it. That is my personality, but in real life I don’t act like that all the time.

In real life, do you shave your body and keep your face ”symmetrical” by obsessively plucking your eyebrows to make them even?

I don’t think anyone went on the show who doesn’t have mental pathology. Everyone who went on that show has this need for attention that’s just unbelievable. We’re dolphins in the dolphin tank. We all want affection so badly, why else would anyone go through this kind of hell? It’s because we all have problems. Mine is a personal meticulous obsessive compulsive disorder. I have to be symmetrical, I have to be clean shaven, it’s just an issue, and I knew it would be once I got there.

Did you go on the show more for money or for attention?

The latter. I never thought I could win any money. I came in just to promote myself; I was looking purely for fame.

Had you done any acting previously?

Barely. I did a brief stint on an Aaron Spelling soap ”Savannah” that bombed quickly. I was an extra in a couple of things. I was a runway model for about a year, did some print modeling as well. I thought it was a pretty easy way to make a living, certainly a lot easier than medicine.

”Big Brother” is billed as a reality show, but the house guests were all concerned with ratings and often said you had to act up more to make sure the show was popular. That’s not quite ”verite.”

I hadn’t watched ”Big Brother,” but I knew it had a bad stigma. I was going to use the show as a stepping-stone to change careers, and I wanted to make sure the show was phenomenal. I didn’t think a show where people are themselves would be all that interesting, so I wanted to be myself, but I just wanted to turn it up. I was very concerned that people weren’t going to participate enough. All the other house guests accused me of being an undercover producer, because I was constantly pushing people to fight.

In your final campaign speech, you essentially told the voters that none of them liked themselves. What kind of strategy was that for winning them over?

The producers said, ”Please feel free to prepare a speech at any length you want,” so I spent the day making what I thought was a very eloquent, five-minute speech. Then, literally as I stood up to give it, they said, ”You have 90 seconds, not one second more.” So I had to condense this speech without any preparation, and I admittedly did a very poor job of it. I know it offended a lot of the houseguests, and it didn’t work out the way I wanted, but nonetheless I lucked out in the end.

When the jury was grilling you, Bunky asked how much of your prize you’d give to charity, and you said none, you’d waste it all. Are you reconsidering that after seeing what is going on in the real world?

Absolutely. But I’d like to touch on that subject. When Bunky asked, what he was really saying was, ”Hey, I’m Bunky, I’m a nice guy, I give to charity.” He didn’t care about my answer at all, he was just promoting himself.

Did you expect to win?

No, I thought I could come in second. The strategy was two parts. One was to purposefully lose every competition so I would be considered very weak. If someone’s weak, they’re not a threat, why vote them off? The other part was to be hated by everyone. It won’t help you at the beginning, but later in the show, anyone who’s very strong will want to take you to the end with them because they can beat you in the finals. What happened was, the people who were genuinely evil and not just pretending like I was showed up at the end.

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