Mariah Carey's ''Glitter'' fails to crack the top 10
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In the slowest weekend of the year so far — yep, even worse than last weekend — box office receipts suffered tremendously, as ”Hardball” remained No. 1 and the only new wide release, Mariah Carey’s ”Glitter,” failed even to crack the top 10.

As expected, Keanu Reeves’ feel-good baseball drama topped the charts for the second week, falling only 13 percent to an estimated $8.2 million. Many moviegoers who didn’t want to visit their multiplex so soon after the terrorist attacks two weeks ago obviously were ready this weekend, which explains ”Hardball”’s slight drop. Its total after 10 days stands at $19.2 million.

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman’s supernatural thriller ”The Others” benefited from weak competition, increasing 14 percent from last weekend to place second with $5.2 million. Now a bona fide word-of-mouth phenomenon, it has grossed a total of $80 million.

Three returning films rounded out the top five: The teen thriller ”The Glass House” slipped to No. 3 with $4.4 million, the blockbuster ”Rush Hour 2” jumped to fourth place with another $3.7 million, and ”The Musketeer” hung in there with $3.5 million.

But the real shocker was that the Mariah Carey musical ”Glitter” couldn’t even earn a spot in the top 10, flopping miserably at No. 11 with only $2.5 million. (To give that some context, that’s just a tiny bit more than what ”Bubble Boy” opened with last month.) Absolutely horrendous reviews certainly hurt the film — one critic said you could find better acting in a porno flick — as did the fact that Carey, the movie’s only real selling point, has been in rehab and therefore wasn’t available to promote the project.

It also didn’t help matters that 60 million Americans stayed home Friday night to watch the star-studded relief telethon, featuring performers like Tom Cruise, Bruce Springsteen, and…Mariah Carey.

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