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Make no mistake: College really is the best time of your life, never mind the tequila hangovers, the caffeinated all-nighters, and the four-year pizza diet. College rocks because you get to anneal in our culture’s crucible of cool. You’ll play a part in the birth of trends and the death of fads. But not if you lack proper schooling. Take our pop-culture survey course (with data from campuses nationwide) and learn why your affinities for O-Town and Felicity won’t exactly catapult you to collegiate hipness. Unless you’re being ironic. That’d be, well, rad.

Pasadena, Calif.

POP-CULTURE CLAIM TO FAME Frank Capra; the film Real Genius is based on Caltech TV FIX Blind Date FAVORITE CARTOON Family Guy CULT DVD/VIDEO RENTAL Star Wars MUST-READ BOOK Tom M. Apostol’s Calculus I and II—a.k.a. Tommy I and Tommy II VIDEOGAME Mario Kart 64 CATALOGS Victoria’s Secret, computer catalogs MOST POPULAR WEBSITES maximonline.com, google.com, hotornot.com LATE-NIGHT MUNCHIE Calzookie’s baked cookie dough with ice cream WEIRD CAMPUS TREND ”Ponding”: People grab someone and drag him through a pond CULT RERUN The Simpsons MUST-HAVE GADGETS Graphing calculator, 100-milliwatt green laser DORM ROOM WALL DECORATION Foil emergency blankets

Providence, R.I.

POP-CULTURE CLAIM TO FAME Talking Heads members David Byrne, Chris Frantz, and Tina Weymouth TV FIX Days of Our Lives FAVORITE CARTOON Family Guy CULT DVD/VIDEO RENTAL The Man Who Fell to Earth MUST-READ BOOK Adbusters (magazine) VIDEOGAME Extreme sleeping CATALOG The Salvation Army Fall 2001 MOST POPULAR WEBSITE hotmail.com LATE-NIGHT MUNCHIE Spike’s Junkyard Dogs’ hot dogs WEIRD CAMPUS TREND Almost half of the freshman population get piercings in the first month, usually in the nose CULT RERUN The Simpsons MUST-HAVE GADGET An old-fashioned bike with wide handlebars DORM ROOM WALL DECORATION Posters of Gustav Klimt paintings, Radiohead posters

New York, N.Y.

POP-CULTURE CLAIM TO FAME Ang Lee, Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee TV FIX The Drew Carey Show FAVORITE CARTOON The Simpsons CULT DVD/VIDEO RENTAL The Godfather MUST-READ BOOK Invisible Monsters, by Chuck Palahniuk VIDEOGAME Tony Hawk CATALOG H&M MOST POPULAR WEBSITE theonion.com LATE-NIGHT MUNCHIE Toasted bagel from the corner deli WEIRD CAMPUS TREND 1970s sunglasses CULT RERUN The Simpsons MUST-HAVE GADGET Cell phone DORM ROOM WALL DECORATION Classic movie posters

Washington, D.C.

POP-CULTURE CLAIM TO FAME Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad, Ananda Lewis, Sean Combs, Marlon Wayans, Toni Morrison, Jessye Norman TV FIX The Practice FAVORITE CARTOON The Simpsons CULT DVD/VIDEO RENTALS Love Jones, Friday, Gladiator MUST-READ BOOK The Coldest Winter Ever, by Sister Souljah VIDEOGAME Madden NFL 2001 CATALOGS bebe, Sean John MOST POPULAR WEBSITE blackplanet.com LATE-NIGHT MUNCHIES McDonald’s and Howard China WEIRD CAMPUS TRENDS T-shirts tied around the head, rainbow hair color CULT RERUN Martin MUST-HAVE GADGET Two-way pager DORM ROOM WALL DECORATION Bob Marley posters