Michael Jackson and Britney Spears make for a memorable evening at the awards show

Seems like the folks at MTV never tire of booty jokes. One of the more memorable highlights of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, held Sept. 6 at NYC’s Lincoln Center, featured Triumph the Insult Comic Dog cracking about J. Lo‘s you-know-what. How last year. Also very last year: a suggestive performance by a scantily clad Britney Spears (this one featuring a slithering python) and SNL‘s Will Ferrell climbing up on some scaffolding to Rage Against…something or other. But there was at least one showstopper in the three-hour-plus evening: Michael Jackson, who joined ‘N Sync on stage and rocked a lot of worlds. ”I hope he jumps right in there and does what’s necessary to be a big force again,” says TRL‘s Carson Daly of the King of Pop’s return. Fan Mary J. Blige is even more supportive: ”He’s Michael Jackson, and that’s that.” Can’t beat it.