Readers respond to "Vanilla Sky", Brittany Murphy, and Slayer

You Cruise, you lose. Readers may have applauded our Fall Movie Preview, but they hurled verbal tomatoes at our Vanilla Sky cover stars-cum-lovers (#610/611, Aug. 24/31). ”Your Cruise-Cruz cover is truly tasteless,” growls Tim Mizrahi of Seattle. ”Kidman and Cruise’s divorce is just over a month old!” Andrea Smith of Chattanooga, Tenn., agrees. ”They look like poster children for disposable Hollywood marriages.” Equally fierce were reactions to News & Notes’ coverage of the controversial Slayer suit. Says Lynne Curley of Utica, N.Y., ”We need to make people take responsibility for their own actions, not blame television, the Internet, or, in this case, music for what people are doing by their own hands.”

Picture Not Perfect

After one of the most dismal summers in recent memory for movies, your Fall Movie Preview has been the greatest breath of fresh air since Moulin Rouge. Let’s hope that heavy hitters such as Douglas, Washington, Hopkins, Cusack, and Redford can redeem Hollywood and bring back substance to the screen.
Lexington, Mass.

I have never been more disgusted by an EW cover than the Cruz and Cruise one! To be so blatantly public about their affair less than a week after Cruise’s divorce sickens me. As far as I am concerned, any film that features Cruz or Cruise will cruise right by me and anything featuring Nicole Kidman, with the exception of those produced by Cruise, will fit nicely in my DVD collection.
Mobile, Ala.

I can’t believe that a magazine as classy and (usually) respectful of celebrities could put Tom and Penélope’s picture on its cover. There is barely a paragraph about them in the issue, yet there they are. And so soon after Tom and Nicole’s divorce, to show him with his girlfriend (oh, excuse me, costar) is not only wrong, it’s just plain tacky. Cruz and Cruise…oh, please. Could you get any cheesier?
West Palm Beach, Fla.

After reading your fall Movie Preview issue I think a more appropriate couple for the cover would have been Jerry Stiller and Brittany Murphy. They must be the two hardest-working people in showbiz!
Columbus, Ohio

Thanks for providing movie fans with the most comprehensive Fall Movie Preview in the land. I especially enjoyed learning about the rerelease of past great films, like Jacques Demy’s 1961 Lola, scheduled for November.
San Francisco

Of the major new Hollywood releases in the Fall Movie Preview, only a few female names, such as Penny Marshall (Riding in Cars With Boys), popped up on the list of writers and directors. Such talent out there, and the Hollywood Machine can’t hand the reins over to more women? Aren’t there more scripts available penned by women that have more potential than another F/X-heavy, story-lacking blockbuster full o’ nuthin’?
Los Angeles

Killing Tune

Thank you for being one of the few publications to give an objective overview of the so-called Slayer murder. When will these “moral” watchdogs remember that “moral” people have a thing called personal responsibility? Thanks for presenting the facts and not getting caught up in the hype.
Monrovia, Calif.

Thanks for the insight into another legal attack on the music/entertainment industry. I am no big fan of degrading, satanic, or inciteful song lyrics, but I am more against lawyers trying any angle they can think of to file lawsuits and win potentially big bucks because they have a notion of probable cause. Two of the three convicted murderers claim there was no connection to Slayer, so why must the lawyers think differently?
Granada Hills, Calif.