A wail of a good time

Thanks to a slew of new products, frustrated lounge singers can now face the same humiliation at home as they do at karaoke bars. With an eye on young crooners looking to emulate contestants on MTV’s Say What Karaoke, iKTV will begin shipping their Music VideoCD Karaoke ($149.99) this Christmas. The PlayStation-size console connects to your TV and plays special CDs that display song lyrics and some completely incongruous background footage (just like real karaoke!) as users sing into a mic that doubles as a remote control. The Internet offers even more options for those who prefer to sing it loud and proud—and in private. At Eatsleepmusic.com, a site dedicated to professional Karaoke Jockeys (seriously), surfers can croon a tune for free. And this fall, the hip Web stylists at Oddcast.com offer the next generation of Web karaoke: Users will be able to record their vocals over tracks from the likes of Madonna and the Backstreet Boys. The results can be e-mailed to friends (or enemies)—and even posted on the site to be rated by visitors. ”Users will still get the chance to embarrass themselves in front of friends and strangers,” says Oddcast rep Ed Lopez. ”Only now they’ll get a chance to practice first.”