Mariah's ''Glitter'' finally opens, but audiences may not be in a sparkly mood
Keanu Reeves, Hardball
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With the postponements of two of this week’s three scheduled wide releases, look for the box office slump of September to continue this weekend. Only Mariah Carey’s ”Glitter” will make a nationwide debut, but it’ll have a tough time reaching No. 1 on the movie chart. Instead, the Keanu Reeves baseball drama ”Hardball,” which opened last weekend with $9.4 million, should remain in the top spot. The film is certainly a good diversion for anyone looking to escape the 24-hour news onslaught with an underwhelming but uplifting movie. ”Hardball” should drop about 35 percent to gross $6 million this weekend.

Two high-profile films that were supposed to debut have been pushed back. The Denzel Washington undercover cop drama ”Training Day” has been postponed until Oct. 5 so that it can be sufficiently publicized, and the Tim Allen crime caper ”Big Trouble” has been put off indefinitely due to a terrorism-related plotline. That leaves the musical ”Glitter” as the only big new release. But that film has had problems of its own. It was supposed to come out Labor Day weekend, but was delayed after Carey entered rehab. Even after being released from rehab, Carey has not been able to promote the film.

Plus, the ”Glitter” soundtrack only debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard album chart this week, indicating that even Carey’s fans aren’t that excited about the project. Add to that ”Glitter”’s relatively small release (only 1,100 theaters) and the film should gross $5 million this weekend, good enough for second place.

Three returning films should round out the top five. The Leelee Sobieski thriller ”The Glass House,” the action/adventure ”The Musketeer,” and the Nicole Kidman supernatural flick ”The Others” will all drop to about $3 million each, battling it out for third, fourth, and fifth place.

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