The classic sitcom takes to the stage with creator Garry Marshall

By William Keck and Adam B. Vary
Updated September 21, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Happy Days is here again. ”We’re going to do the musical in my theater,” says Garry Marshall, creator of the ABC sitcom (1974-84) and owner of Burbank’s Falcon Theatre. The gang will bebop back to high school, but there is a twist. ”Fonzie gets to meet his father to give the production a whole new dramatic dimension,” gushes the director. ”I’m loving it!” The show will feature golden-oldie tunes, but original ’50s-inspired songs will be added before a New York City debut next year. ”We’re casting now,” adds Marshall. ”It’s not easy to find a singing Fonzie.” Anson Williams, a.k.a. Potsie, finds news of the show bittersweet: ”I’m going to see this young guy playing me and think, ‘I can’t do that anymore.’ Actually, I never could do that. I’m a terrible dancer.”

Happy Days

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