The classic sitcom takes to the stage with creator Garry Marshall

Happy Days is here again. ”We’re going to do the musical in my theater,” says Garry Marshall, creator of the ABC sitcom (1974-84) and owner of Burbank’s Falcon Theatre. The gang will bebop back to high school, but there is a twist. ”Fonzie gets to meet his father to give the production a whole new dramatic dimension,” gushes the director. ”I’m loving it!” The show will feature golden-oldie tunes, but original ’50s-inspired songs will be added before a New York City debut next year. ”We’re casting now,” adds Marshall. ”It’s not easy to find a singing Fonzie.” Anson Williams, a.k.a. Potsie, finds news of the show bittersweet: ”I’m going to see this young guy playing me and think, ‘I can’t do that anymore.’ Actually, I never could do that. I’m a terrible dancer.”

Happy Days
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