Training Day, a grim and gritty film starring Denzel Washington as a morally warped narcotics officer, is not your usual big-studio release. The film’s website (, which includes an eye-opening interview with a former gang member, isn’t your usual big-studio-release website either.

BONE INTERVIEW In candid audio clips, gang consultant Cle ”Bone” Slone explains how subcultures (like gangs) are denied a forum for their stories, how cops have used seemingly benign talks with him to garner hazard pay, and how the film and its questioning of order-at-any-cost was made ”for the betterment of the community — it wasn’t just about the ‘bangers….”

STREETS To depict the film’s 24-hour story arc, designers took time-lapse images and created a mouse-controlled screen that shows an L.A. cityscape over a single day and night. Add production stills, snippets of dialogue, and on-the-street audio to the mix, and the result, as Warner Bros. senior VP of interactive marketing Don Buckley suggests, gives visitors the sense that ”the locations are like a character in this movie.”

ZUCKERMAN’S JOURNAL With much of the production shot in the L.A. neighborhoods of Watts, South Central, and Lincoln Heights, unit photographer Robert Zuckerman captured the communities in powerful images. ”Everywhere we went,” he writes, ”people came out to see us.” No kidding. An infirm elderly woman left home for the first time in three years to have her picture taken with Denzel.