An A to Z collection of defining moments lifted from the Friends' loopy lexicon
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AMERICAN BALLET THEATER Troupe Joey says he belonged to for five years (on his fake resume for a musical audition)

AMUSE-BOUCHE Tiny pre-appetizer made by Monica for job interview

BAYWATCH Favorite TV show of Chandler and Joey

BIJAN FOR MEN Fragrance sprayed by Joey at Saks

BLUE NAIL What Monica loses in the quiche cups she makes while catering her mother’s party

BONG, MISS CHANADOLER Chandler’s name as it’s spelled on his TV Guide label

BULLWINKLE SOCKS Gift from Janice to Chandler just before he dumps her

COMA GUY Cute guy hit by a car and hospitalized because Monica and Phoebe ”whoo-whoo’ed” him on the street

”COPACABANA” Barry Manilow song Rachel sings to overcome her fears at Barry and Mindy’s wedding

CUPS Fake card game Chandler makes up (and loses) so he can give Joey money without Joey losing his pride

DENTAL FLOSS What Rachel found in her hair after an office tryst with orthodontist Barry

DOZEN LASAGNAS Made by Monica for her aunt, who rejects them because they have meat in them

DRAWER ”Gift” Chandler gives to Janice to prove he’s committed

DUCHESS OF YORK Who Joey meets while touring London alone

ESTELLE Joey’s chain-smoking agent

EUPHORIA UNBOUND Mrs. Bing’s tawdry new romance novel touted by Jay Leno

FAT-FREE CRUST WITH EXTRA CHEESE Pizza accidentally delivered to George Stephanopoulos

55JIMBO Ross’ beeper number, often mistaken by callers for male prostitute 55JUMBO

FLAME BOY Stage name for Joey suggested by Phoebe

FREE PORN What Chandler and Joey can’t turn off when they discover it on their TV

GOING COMMANDO Not wearing any underwear, as Joey often does (”I’m not gonna go commando in another man’s fatigues”)

HOMBRE Brand of cologne sprayed by Joey’s nemesis at the perfume counter (see BIJAN FOR MEN)

HOW YOU DOIN’…? Joey’s surefire pickup line

ICE CAPADES Employer of Phoebe’s gay husband, Duncan, who, it turns out, isn’t gay

IN PRISON Place where Joey’s tailor’s measuring technique is acceptable

JAZZ HANDS Only move Joey is able to execute with authority during a dance audition

JOSEPH STALIN Stage name briefly considered by Joey

KEYBOARD Ross’ instrument of choice (where he creates his ”sound”)

KOREA Subject of documentary seen by all but Joey

”THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT” Pop tune favored by Marcel the monkey

LITTLE WOMEN Classic Rachel gets Joey to read instead of reading The Shining over and over again

LOBSTER, HIS/HERS Phoebe’s one-man-for-every-woman theory, because lobsters fall in love and mate for life (”You can actually see old lobster couples walkin’ around their tank, you know, holding claws…”)

MAN’S BAG Expensive leather tote Rachel lends Joey for an audition

MILWAUKEE Strangest place Phoebe ever had sex

MR. POTATO HEAD What Barry reminds Rachel of, so she leaves him at the altar

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