When not ensconced at Central Perk, the jet-setting sextet follow their wanderlust
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It’s easy for the Friends to always ”be there” for one another — they don’t really get around much. If not lounging at Central Perk, they can be found at Monica’s purple-toned pad or Joey’s bare-bones digs — located at the intersection of Greenwich Village’s Grove and Bedford Streets, if you believe the setup shot. That’s not to say they’re total homebodies. Over the years, the sextet have left their mark on some far-flung places.

BLOOMINGDALE’S Rachel’s home-away-from-home-turned- workplace; Monica disloyally shops with Julie at the department store (Episodes 58, 25).

POTTERY BARN The chain store where Rachel purchases an apothecary table (Episode 131).

MONTAUK, LONG ISLAND Location of Phoebe Sr.’s house (Episode 72).

THE ZOO IN SAN DIEGO Where Marcel goes when the frisky monkey’s hormones become too hot to handle (Episode 20).

LAS VEGAS Ross and Rachel exchange drunken vows here (Episode 120).

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN Site of a boys’ night out gone terribly wrong — a down-in-the-dumps divorced Ross gets hockey-pucked in the face (Episode 3).

VERMONT Site of Ross and Emily’s first romantic weekend (Episode 86).

GUADALAJARA Mexican city Joey confuses with New York’s LaGuardia Airport (Episode 160).

LONDON Site of the botched nuptials of Ross and Emily; also where Monica and Chandler hook up in secret for the first time (Episodes 95, 96).

HOLLAND Native country of the blond babe Joey and Chandler meet during the Thanksgiving football match (Episode 56).

ROME Where millionaire Pete takes Monica for dinner on a date (Episode 65).

GREECE Ross and Emily’s would-be honeymoon destination; Rachel goes in their place (Episode 97).

MINSK Belarussian capital Phoebe’s scientist flame David moves to, thus breaking her heart (Episode 9).

CHINA Where Ross falls for fellow paleontologist Julie while on a museum dig (Episode 23).

AUSTRALIA Homeplace of Friend hater and Joey’s short-lived roommate, dancer Janine (Episode 127).

YEMEN Where Chandler claims his company is sending him, in a desperate effort to ditch Janice for good (Episode 87).

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