Wes Bentley, Eliza Dushku, ...
Credit: Soul Survivors: Chuck Hodes

Soul Survivors


What hath Joe Lieberman wrought? Apparently frightened by the senator’s no-marketing-R-rated-movies-to-minors proposal, the studio reedited the long-delayed Soul Survivors to qualify for a PG-13, thus creating a cinematic oxymoron: the tasteful teensploitation pic. In the goriest scene, our heroine — a college freshman (Melissa Sagemiller) haunted by visions of her dead boyfriend (Casey Affleck, who could prove to be a 21st-century Joey Travolta) — gets a nosebleed! And in the sexiest scene, she showers with a sapphic pal (”Buffy” and ”Jay and Silent Bob” vet Eliza Dushku, again cast as a black-clad bad girl) — fully clothed! C’mon, even Janet Leigh got naked in Psycho, and that was more than 40 years ago. The only possible reason to see this otherwise average afternoon waster is Sagemiller. She’s got a Frances McDormand-like overbite and dimpled chin and shows flashes of a similarly soulful talent.

Soul Survivors
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  • 100 minutes