Probably, but tells you why ''AP 3'' won't be as easy to make as the current hit

By Liane Bonin
Updated September 07, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

American Pie 2

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Now that ”American Pie 2” has topped the box office for three weeks in a row and earned more than $110 million, another sequel to the blockbuster teen sex comedy seems not only smart, but downright unavoidable. ”The chances are better than 100 percent,” says media analyst Robert Bucksbaum of Reel Source. ”It wouldn’t matter if the actors are 35 and gray, people will still pay to go see sequels to this movie.”

And while Universal, which launched the $101 million-grossing ”American Pie” franchise back in 1999, hasn’t yet confirmed plans for an ”American Pie 3,” screenwriter and executive producer Adam Herz seems more than ready to continue the series: ”Will there be an ‘American Pie 20?”’ he asks. ”As long as people are interested in the characters and care about them, you can always tell more stories about them.”

So the question becomes: Which of the current stars will return for ”AP3”? Mena Suvari has already said that she’d be willing to come back. But even if Suvari’s game, there may be problems elsewhere. The original cast, including Chris Klein (who plays footballer-turned-chorus boy Oz), Eddie Kaye Thomas (Tantric mother-lover Finch), and Jason Biggs (flautist fan Jim), were only contracted to appear in a single sequel. ”Most of us had options to do the second one. No one has options to do the third one,” explains Tara Reid, who plays the elusive Vicky. ”It’d be a lot harder to get everyone back, I think.” Still, Reid holds out hope: ”If they did a good script and everyone came back, well, maybe [I would, too].”

Shannon Elizabeth, who had a breakout role as sexy exchange student Nadia, says she’s grateful to the producers for jump-starting her career. Yet when asked if she’d come back for a third slice of ”Pie,” she shrugs, ”You never know. I mean, I didn’t know I was going to do a second one.” Alyson Hannigan (band geek/sex goddess Michelle), who was reportedly ambivalent about returning for ”AP 2,” declined to comment for this story. Jason Biggs, for his part, says he’ll play hard to get. ”I’d want $13 million,” he jokes. ”But the diplomatic answer is I’ll remain hesitant until I hear everyone is coming back, and that Michelle and Jim get married in the next one.”

The least likely participant is Seann William Scott, whose profile has risen post-”Pie” thanks to ”Dude, Where’s My Car?” and ”Evolution.” ”You couldn’t pay me $30 million to do number three,” Scott says. ”I thought watching the second one that Jeez, they could do a third. I just won’t be in it. I had a great time shooting this one and hanging out with the people I started my career with, but it just wasn’t fun to play that character anymore.”

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Even so, Bucksbaum suspects that the entire cast will reunite for ”American Pie 3” — and it won’t cost Universal $13 million each to hire them. Though all have worked steadily since the first film premiered, megastar status has eluded them. ”Unless someone becomes a huge star, they’re going to take the money just to keep their careers afloat,” says Bucksbaum. Biggs (”Loser”), Klein (”Say It Isn’t So”), Thomas (”Freddy Got Fingered”), and Reid (”Josie and the Pussycats”) have more flops than hits to their credit. ”Only Scott has a big commercial appeal right now, but even he’s nowhere near the A list.”

American Pie 2

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