By EW Staff
September 07, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

UPN, 8-8:30 PM
Big doings in the Hughley house: Mom Yvonne (Elise Neal) lands a job at L.A.’s Staples Center — Laker cameos alert! — leaving Darryl (D.L. Hughley) in charge of the kids. When son Michael (Dee Jay Daniels) is diagnosed with dyslexia, his new tutor (Alex Meneses) butts heads with Darryl and strikes sparks with best pal Milsap (John Henton). As for daughter Sydney (Ashley Monique Clark), let’s let Hughley tell it: ”She has her, uh, her first period, and I’m the guy who deals with it.” Like many of the sitcom’s plots, this one comes from the stand-up’s real life: ”I just got back from Amsterdam this year and found out my daughter was starting her — that thing.” You think you’re embarrassed, D.L.? Wait ’til your daughter reads this. (Sept. 3)

THE WB, 8-9 PM
”Ch-ch-ch-changes,” creator Brenda Hampton sings of her family drama’s theme this season. ”That would be literal for Annie [Catherine Hicks’ menopausal mom] — she’s going through the Change.” Other developments: Premed student Matt (Barry Watson) finds a new job at a free clinic, little sister Lucy (Beverley Mitchell) follows her father’s footsteps into the seminary, and teenager Simon (David Gallagher) goes for his driver’s license. Plus, prodigal daughter Jessica Biel will be back on the show full-time. Oh, thank Heaven! (Sept. 24)

CBS, 8:30-9 PM
”I know all the critics are very happy that we’re back,” quips co-creator Greg Garcia of the oft-panned sophomore sitcom. So what’s in store for hapless dads Greg (Anthony Clark) and Jimmy (Mike O’Malley)? ”We’re going to keep doing stories that are relatable to parents…. We’re dealing with issues such as potty training and what to do when your kid suddenly becomes the terror of the play group,” says Garcia. ”It’s about the insecurities of parenthood.” Speaking of insecurities, Garcia adds, ”I look forward to the nice things you write about us.” If only the jokes on his show were that funny. (Sept. 17)

CBS, 9-9:30 PM
You want reality TV? They’ve got reality TV. Creator Phil Rosenthal based the 6th-season premiere on an incident from his own life, when his 6-year-old son read an embarrassing story he’d written in front of a school assembly. ”My boy gets up and starts to read ‘The Angry Family,’ ” says Rosenthal. ”He should get a full script payment.” Another episode, in which Ray (Ray Romano) loses his wedding ring, comes straight from the star’s life. ”Ray is fond of taking off his wedding ring and spinning it on a table and timing it to see how long it can go,” says Rosenthal. ”You figure out your own psychological meaning.” (Sept. 17)

FOX, 9-10 PM
The ever-revolving door just keeps on spinning: Regina Hall (Scary Movie 2), James Marsden (X-Men), Josh Hopkins (The Perfect Storm), and Julianne Nicholson (NBC’s The Others) join the cast as attorneys, while Taye Diggs, Anne Heche, James LeGros, and Robert Downey Jr. exit. ”He is written out of the show,” confirms executive producer Bill D’Elia of rehabbing Emmy nominee Downey. ”But that doesn’t mean it’s a completely closed door.” Also, Charlie’s Angels’ Lucy Liu will do only five episodes, and Peter MacNicol may scale back his presence as well. Oh, and Lisa Nicole Carson (Ally’s roomie Renee) is no longer a regular. Calista Flockhart must be getting so lonely. (Oct. 22)