By EW Staff
September 07, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Our alterna-movies cover featuring Julia Stiles, Josh Hartnett, and Mekhi Phifer was a good O-men for many readers (#608, Aug. 10), but not all gave it a thumbs-up. ”It’s great that EW found 10 summer movies worth seeing,” writes Jeffrey Field of North Augusta, S.C. ”I hope they’re worth a two-hour drive to Atlanta…the only place fans in my area will get to see them.” Calling Rosie O’Donnell a ”doughy diva” (Monitor) also created a stir. ”When will the media stop identifying people by weight?” asks Maren Ahnberg of Petaluma, Calif. Finally, T. Talbot from Leicester, U.K., thought Flashes skimped on Lady Liberty’s movie cameos: ”The list I have is now at 46.” Maybe we were just tired, hungry…you know the rest.

‘O’ Bother

Contrary to the anonymous claim in EW (”The Story of O”), Bob and Harvey Weinstein are both big fans of O, and any differences of opinion with the film’s producers were centered on finding the most appropriate release date for the film, and had nothing to do with election politics.

Over the years, opponents of provocative films like O have created distractions by focusing on Miramax rather than on the film itself. While EW was right in including O as one of the ”10 summer movies worth seeing,” its readers would have been better served by a discussion of the film’s thought-provoking issues than by an article rehashing disputed allegations about a disagreement that has been satisfactorily resolved. MATTHEW HILTZIK VP of Corporate Communications Miramax Films ELIZABETH CLARK Senior VP of Publicity Dimension Films New York City

While I appreciate the coverage given to our wonderful new film O, I am concerned that Miramax’s support for the film has been understated. Harvey and Bob Weinstein, and the entire Miramax team, have been wildly enthusiastic and supportive of our efforts to bring O to the moviegoing public. The Weinsteins are to be commended for having the creativity and flexibility to find a way for O to be seen and judged on its own considerable merits, without the risk that the film be engulfed in unfair and unnecessary controversy arising from a Miramax release. TOM ORTENBERG President, Releasing Lions Gate Films Marina del Rey, Calif.

Tease & Sympathy

Poor Mariah Carey. she’s a multimillionaire with adoring fans, sells CDs in the millions… and she has trouble handling it all (News & Notes). Oh, I forgot: She just broke up with her boyfriend, and her latest single didn’t sell a billion copies. Boo-hoo. Color me sad. THOM HEINRICHS Long Beach, Calif.

You apologize for the Hot Sheet joke about George Harrison’s cancer, but then poke fun at Mariah Carey’s illness. You also print letters from readers who take Julia Roberts to task for her remarks about wearing a fat suit, and then you refer to Rosie O’ Donnell as ”the doughy diva.” Do you learn nothing from your readers? LIZ YOUNG East Providence, R.I.

Torch Song

How could you do a piece about the Statue of Liberty in film (News & Notes) without mentioning Alfred Hitchcock’s 1942 film Saboteur? RANDALL PASKE Kansas City, Mo.