Outwitting ''Survivor''

By Caroline Kepnes
Updated September 07, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Say you’re one of the 150 guards on the Kenya set of CBS’ Survivor: Africa. Who’s enemy number one? It ain’t the elephants. ”One hundred and forty-eight of those guards are for the press,” says Survivor host Jeff Probst. While CBS may have the front lines covered, their online security needs work. By e-mailing ”anyone and everyone with a Kenya address,” 50-year-old Survivor fan Dan Bollinger outwitted CBS for the second year in a row by announcing the secret shooting location: Shaba National Reserve. As always, his findings are posted on the Web (www. claycritters.com/map/survivor_ 3_map.htm). ”If I met Mark Burnett, I bet he’d buy me a beer,” Bollinger laughs. ”I’m not spoiling anything.” Indeed, when you click on an icon promising a peek at Tribal Council, you get a close-up of a tree. So, it’s no wonder that exec producer Burnett would take Bollinger up on his offer: ”I’d buy him a beer. I am lucky that webmasters like Dan find Survivor compelling enough to actually talk and share information about us on the Web.” May we suggest Tusker? Probst says this local brew is a crew favorite.

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