Edge and Christian's slow-simmering rift has been a great subplot, says Mike Flaherty

By Mike Flaherty
Updated August 30, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
WWF: Jim Hagans/TNN

”RAW” capitalizes on ”sibling” rivalry

It’s not exaggerating to say that, thanks to the WWF’s absorption of the WCW and ECW, this has probably been the single most monumental summer in the history of professional wrestling. By any measure — brutality, comedy, spectacle — this is a golden age.

One downside to these action packed times, however, is that the plot demands of the current Alliance/ WWF conflict (and the production demands of four new hours of programming each week) has further sped up the storytelling pace to the point that subplots are introduced, intensified, and climaxed in the space of weeks; feuds are constructed from the slightest of backstage provocations and collapse faster than you can say ”pay-per-view cycle”; and title belts are kicked around like hacky sacks.

Set against that dizzying backdrop, Edge and Christian’s current subplot is oddly refreshing. Things have been odd between the bleached blond ”brothers” ever since the run-up to June’s King of the Ring tournament, which Edge won. Since then, Christian has behaved more like a valet than a partner, toadying before his big bro so shamelessly that it could only suggest an eventual heel turn. Funny thing is, it hasn’t happened yet. And while that has irritated some more impatient, outspoken marks, the truth is the angle has been a truly intriguing and relaxed subplot. At nearly three months and counting, it’s positively Proustian by wrestling standards, and a dependable source of mid show hilarity.

It may not have been intentional to keep the seven time tag team champs together this long; perhaps events in the Alliance/ WWF battle simply pushed the wisecracking Canadians onto the back burner. So far, all signs point to a heel turn for Christian, especially after the Aug. 27 ”RAW Is War” (TNN, Mondays, 9 p.m.), in which his run-in disqualified Edge in his match against Hugh Morrus. But it still hasn’t happened, and you know what? I can wait for this old-school slow burn to finally ignite. For now, as Edge and Christian say, it just reeks of awesomeness.

How would you swerve Edge and Christian’s current story line?