News From Hollywood

By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
August 24, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

BUBBLE TROUBLE Remember John Travolta’s 1976 movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, about a guy with Primary Immunodeficiency? Now imagine it played for laughs. That’s the premise of Disney’s Bubble Boy (Aug. 24), starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and at least one person doesn’t think it’s funny. Fred Modell, who runs the Jeffrey Modell Foundation (named for his son who died of the disorder), says he called studio executive Andrea Marozas and asked if Disney would help increase awareness of the disease, or even add a coda about the syndrome in the end credits. Marozas agreed to work with him, according to Modell, only to tell him weeks later that they were ”on their own.” Marozas wouldn’t comment, but a Disney source says, ”We did investigate [possibilities], but when it came down to who the movie is marketed towards, it didn’t make sense. [Teenagers] aren’t going to read the credits or click on to their website.”

THE PIE WHO LOVED ME Turns out one site that is getting a lot of action ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Fans of American Pie 2 have spent hours downloading from the site, only to find themselves gaping at a French porn movie with the same title. That there have been so few leaks regarding the real McCoy is no surprise: When Pie writer Adam Herz began circulating the sequel’s script, he not only numbered and watermarked the drafts, but coded them. ”If my script said, ‘Jim [played by Jason Biggs] walks through the door,’ yours might say, ‘Jim enters through the door,”’ says Herz. ”That way, if it [hit] the Internet, we’d know exactly who sent it.” Not that Herz was completely humorless about his paranoia: ”The first script I wrote under the pseudonym Rudolpho M. Venezuela, and was called Secret Disguise,” he says. ”Once some information leaked out, it was called Semisecret Disguise; then it was The Not-So-Secret Disguise by Rudolpho It’s-Not-So-Funny-Anymore Venezuela. Finally, it was American Pie 2: The Heretic by Satan.” Such a hellion.