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Tim Burton
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SEQUEL RIGHTS If there’s a sequel to ”Planet of the Apes,” don’t expect Tim Burton to return to the director’s chair. ”The idea of doing a sequel — I’d rather jump out of the window, I swear to God,” he told Britain’s Independent newspaper. He had harsh words for the way Twentieth Century Fox treated him. ”They give you a script, and you do a budget based on that, and say ‘This movie would cost $300 million to make’, and then they treat you like a crazy, overspending, crazy person. It’s like, ‘Well, you gave me the script,”’ he says. ”I’m fascinated by the studio technique that sort of leaves you bloodied, beaten and left for dead right before you’re supposed to go out and make a great movie for them.” The only time studios pay attention, he says, is when ”you go ballistic and psychotic.”

Burton’s ”Apes” star, Mark Wahlberg, says he also won’t be revisiting some of his more notorious work. Although he plans to work with ”Boogie Nights” director Paul Thomas Anderson again, you won’t see Wahlberg flashing his Dirk Diggler anymore, not even a fake one. Promoting his upcoming sex-and-drugs-laced ”Rock Star,” Wahlberg says he’s now a family-minded Seventh Day Adventist. ”I have nine nieces and nephews I have to answer to, and at this stage of the game, it would be hard to make a movie like ‘Boogie Nights,’ and I would do nothing graphic,” he says. He also says he’s looking to buy a house in Los Angeles where he can move in with his mother….

Sure, most of the major characters died violently by the end of the film, but that wouldn’t stop the producers of ”Gladiator” from bringing Russell Crowe back for a prequel. Producer Douglas Wick says there have been discussions about making a follow-up to the Oscar-winning film, which has grossed more than $450 million worldwide, but insists that there would have to be a stronger motivation than money. ”You don’t finally do something like that unless you have a dazzling story to tell,” he says. ”What we certainly won’t do is some shadow of the first one to grind out a few bucks.”

Baywatch Blast
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