By EW Staff
Updated August 17, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

It’s a madge, madge world, judging from the positive response to our Madonna cover (#606, July 27). But most of the mail concerned News & Notes’ casting of the next 007. ”Christian Bale is unknown to a lot of people in Europe, and it’s about time he gets his break here!” says Jannie Elisabeth Kristensen of Pandrup, Denmark. Michele Kline of Bothell, Wash., thinks we gave short shrift to Bale’s Velvet Goldmine costar: ”Why is Ewan McGregor’s turn in Goldmine considered a deficit, while Bale, star of the same movie, is a perfect choice?” Finally, Lorraine Shaw of Pomona, Calif., believes all Bond needs is a certain Maximus. ”When you rate Russell Crowe a ‘no’ on Bond-ability, I wonder what planet you are from.”

Justifying Their Love

I want to tell everyone at EW that when I saw your Madonna issue, it was truly a ”Holiday.” Your article was just ”Like a Prayer” and the cover was a ”Ray of Light” to her fans. I can only hope that you ”Express Yourself” at the end of the year by letting Madonna ”Take a Bow” as the Entertainer of the Year! ”Don’t Tell Me” that she doesn’t deserve it. Madonna, I’m ”Crazy for You” and your ”Music”! DYLAN MADISON Silver Lake, Ind.

Thank you for being the first publication to give us an in-depth look at Madonna’s Drowned World Tour. I found the article both informative and surprising (and I loved the sidebar album reviews). I am ready to renew my subscription for the next few decades. Why? It is obvious that Madonna will be around, and I need EW to keep me up on her fascinating career! STEVE DICK Alden, N.Y.

I, along with countless others, am very disappointed that Madonna’s current concert tour is snubbing Canada. I wish to thank EW for the insightful report of the DW tour. I found the article very detailed and useful for those fans not fortunate enough to attend the real thing. Madonna seems to be a no-nonsense, get-what-she-wants, bona fide icon. Obviously she did not attain her status by being the queen of nice. Joe V. Toronto

Making a Splash

I was very excited about the article on the hilarious SpongeBob SquarePants (Biz). Although I’m almost 20 years old, I enjoy watching it with my 10-year-old brother and laughing at all of SpongeBob and his underwater friends’ antics. Gillian Flynn did an excellent job reporting on the SpongeBob mania that is sweeping our TVs, retail stores, and lives. BOBBY AYCOCK Matthews, N.C.

Reality Bites Back

Seems you want it both ways, EW. Knock last year’s Big Brother for being boring (”soporifically mundane,” ”watching-paint-dry reputation”) or curse it for taking ”the low road” and getting ”neck-deep in the verite gutter” this season (”Brother From Another Planet”). Last year, the show was about people rooting for each other to win; this time it’s about who to screw (however you take that) to get to the top. REID NIXON Austin