What the country is talking about this week...

By Jim Mullen
Updated August 17, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 THE SEAGULL People camp out all night to get free tickets to the play performed in NYC’s Central Park. No one would come if it was The Pigeon.

2 THE HEAT WAVE It’s so muggy. This is what pasta must feel like all the time.

3 UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN One airline got them to the wrong airport twice in less than a month. You’d give your kids to people you don’t trust with your luggage?

4 BILL CLINTON He reportedly broke a record with the advance on his book. He became the last person in Washington to make a living talking about Bill Clinton.

5 AMERICAN PIE 2 It’s the movie Truffaut wanted to make.

6 ROBERT DOWNEY JR. The actor is working again — in an Elton John video. That’s one arrest away from working in a chicken costume.

7 JULIE ANDREWS The Sound of Music star swears she’ll be able to sing again one day. So does Bob Dylan.

8 NICOLE KIDMAN She says one good thing about the divorce is that she can wear heels again. That’s better than marrying them.

9 ATTACK OF THE CLONES What George Lucas has finally decided to call the fifth Star Wars movie. Dropping the original title: Obi-Wan, Meet Obi-Two.

10 PASADENA The new Fox drama will film in Vancouver. It stars Dana Delany, who will be played by Dennis Franz.

11 BEN AFFLECK He’s checked himself into rehab. But there are no guarantees — he may relapse and make another Pearl Harbor someday.

12 TRAINING THONGS Retailers report sexy underwear for teens is the hottest new trend. Perfect for home, school, and varsity lap dancing.

13 SUGE KNIGHT The founder of Death Row Records has been released after five years in prison. Or what he likes to call ”visiting the farm team.”

14 CNN HEADLINE NEWS Now the screen is crammed with changing information. It’s like the Internet but so much less.

15 WHITNEY HOUSTON She’s signed a $100 million recording deal. Her first single will be ”I Will Always Spend You.”