Fans boo the title of ''Episode II''

Paging Jar Jar Binks. ”Star Wars” fans are again on the warpath — trashing the pulpy title of the series’ fifth installment. ”Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones,” revealed Aug. 6 on, sounds to many like a ’50s B movie. ”People think it’s a joke,” says Nick Nunziata of, a movie website that traffics in fan feedback. ”No one really gets it.” The franchise faithful know that 1977’s original film is set in the Clone Wars’ aftermath, so the story is coming full circle. But most are clearly in the, uh, dark side. In EW’s own poll of 100 Times Square tourists, 88 gave the name a thumbs-down. A spokeswoman for saga creator George Lucas says he’s unfazed by the criticism; he’s heard it before. ”’Phantom Menace”’s title confused people,” says the rep, ”until they actually saw the movie.” Still, the flap might have been avoided if Lucas had followed the advice of Samuel L. Jackson, ”Phantom”’s wise Mace Windu: ”I don’t think they should call it anything but ‘Episode II.”’

Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones
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