Hollywood's creepiest couple demystifies their sanguine neckwear

Turns out those creepy necklaces Angelina Jolie and hubby Billy Bob Thornton wear — oval-shaped, microscope-slide-like glass charms containing dried samples of each other’s blood — aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. While the baubles are good for shock value (”Pretty scary,” says Jolie’s ”Original Sin” costar Antonio Banderas, adding that it ”sounds like a Catholic ritual”), they’re bloody high-maintenance. ”I almost choked to death on it in New Orleans when I went to bed,” says Thornton, who now takes his off at night. The actor also recently lost his charm while playing baseball in the backyard. ”I had to go out there with a flashlight,” says Jolie. ”I found it, but it had split open. We had to Super Glue it back together.”