Lucas has loosened up since the supersecret production of ''Episode I''

Natalie Portman, Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Credit: Queen Amidala: ©Keith Hamshere/Lucasfilm Ltd.

It’s not exactly the fall of the Berlin Wall, but there’s a new air of openness at the retooled official Star Wars site, where ”Episode II” photos and video have been surfacing like Gungans in a Naboo swamp. ”We’re not quite as wound up about that kind of stuff as we were on ‘Episode I,”’ says Paul Ens, Web content manager at Lucasfilm, where postproduction on next summer’s prequel sequel has shifted into hyperdrive.

A series of minidocumentaries on the site offer a glimpse of Hayden Christensen’s screen test as a grown up Anakin Skywalker and catch George Lucas talking about a scene that he’s already shot for ”Episode III.” The director also handpicked some provocative images showing off the digital camera he’s using to make the film. Unfortunately, none of the 50 plus photos of fanciful silhouettes and otherworldly architecture is accompanied by a caption. ”The fans have a lot of fun speculating,” explains spokeswoman Jeanne Cole. ”And this is a way to show them a little bit without giving it away.”

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Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones

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