Nicole's been a chameleon -- and that's why she's shrewder than the rest, says Josh Wolk

By Josh Wolk
August 13, 2001 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Rating the six ”Big Brother” contenders

With Kent the latest evictee out of the ”Big Brother” house, there are six contestants left, and holy Richard Hatch, can these people backstab! Anyone watching the webcam regularly is nursing an omnipresent headache from trying to keep up with who is allied with whom. Here’s my prediction of who will be left standing… provided the house doesn’t explode in a cloud of bad vibes before the finals.


Her constant motivational speaker platitudes have lulled her housemates into complacency up until now, but the revelation that, through all of her ”Let’s all be upfront with each other” blather, she’s been plotting with Krista will likely startle them into giving her the boot. Plus, they’ve got to be a bit creeped out by her recent spittle spraying explosion at Kent after he asked her not to take her dislike of him out on Bunky.


He’s so spineless, it’s a wonder he can stay propped upright during the competitions. Watching him mewl to the other housemates that if they just gave him the word he’d vote out Kent, his best buddy, was just plain sad. Maybe it’s the result of watching too much reality TV, but when the other housemates sneered at him for his selling out, I kind of admired them — because they were so much LESS weasellike when they sold out THEIR friends. They’ll keep Bunky around for a while, though, since everyone knows they can commandeer the needy one’s vote for the small price of a pat on the hairy back and a kind word.


Give him credit for still being in this game (and take credit away from his housemates who have swallowed his Mr. Nice Guy makeover). He could make it to the finals, but he’s made a critical mistake by bragging about his lying and evil plans to the diary room cameras. ”Survivor”’s Richard said he won because he was only cocky to the interview cameras, not his fellow islanders, and they never saw his confessions until after they’d cast their jury votes. But anyone evicted from ”Big Brother” can go home, turn on the TV, and watch Will talk about how much he hates his housemates and lies to them. If he’s in the finals, that won’t encourage anyone to hand him half a million dollars.


One minute she’s America’s Sweetheart, the next minute she’s America’s Tart. This single mother can’t have worked up too much love by first hooking up with a knife wielding psychopath and then falling in love with Mike Boogie, who, with his passive aggressive hypocrisy, seemed a far more insidiously evil presence than Will. Hardy, who once said he would throw the game for her (since she was the neediest) has now turned against her after finding out she’s teamed with Will against him. So now that Hardy’s selflessness has vanished (and who really thought any good intentions could thrive in this house?), she’ll likely be perceived as more of a threat, and they’ll do away with her soon.


Everybody seems to like him, which could be a problem. His nomination night blubbering cemented his kindly rep, which makes him a solid contender for the finals. However, his self righteousness has earned him the enmity of any Chilltown voters, as well as Kent. Plus, since he’s still friends with everyone in the house, anyone else voted out from this point will feel betrayed by him come jury time. Nonetheless, he remains a strong contender, which means it’s unlikely that he’ll make it to the finals thanks to…


Put your money on her. Ever since her first week nomination, she’s been a lesson in shrewdness. Studying the webcam, it’s impossible to figure out who her actual alliance is with; maybe it’s with everybody, so she can just ride along with whoever the vote is swinging toward. Linking with Will is clever, since in a final vote she’d easily beat him. She’s especially prudent in her weekly votes for eviction, where she always cries and tells whoever’s gone that she loves them, will miss them, and says voting for them was her only choice. Inevitably, as the recent bootee sits and watches her words on Julie Chen’s couch, they tear up and practically mouth the words, ”I forgive you!” And that’s likely what they’ll do when it comes to the final vote.

Who’s your pick to win, and why?

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