On Stage with Will & Grace

By Glenn Gaslin
Updated August 10, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

On the set of ”Will & Grace,” there’s a camera inside the refrigerator, and that big television set is a fake, merely a flickering light inside a hollow box. More trivia about life on a sitcom lurk around every corner of NBC’s online tour (www.nbc.com/nbc/will_&_grace/special_features.shtml), which goes live Aug. 3. This digital re-creation of the show’s stage is detailed down to the couch cushions and Will’s Buddha painting. The site maneuvers fans through dizzying 360-degree replicas of Will’s apartment and Grace’s office. With the help of a browser plug-in (called Pulse Player), arrow keys glide you forward and back, side to side, as if in a videogame. ”It looks like a digital version of our set,” ”W&G” associate producer Steve Sandoval says. ”It’s very accurate.” Hundreds of photos taken from every angle were digitally woven into the 3-D image. ”W&G” set decorator Melinda Ritz offers factoids as you click on, say, Will’s fertility-goddess statue, the inside of Karen’s mini-fridge (packed with booze, V8 juice, and champagne), or the bogus TV set. And with ”Matrix”-like detail, you can make Will’s espresso machine fly through the air and spin in 3-D, just like Keanu. Too bad it’s not real, either.